A To Z Animal Stories (Part 1)

“Ouch!" Lady Bug exclaimed in a loud shrill voice. "What happened?" enquired Gallant Grasshopper. "Somebody bit hard on my third left leg, and now ! can't even walk properly." "Well, whoever it is, won't get away. I am Bumble Bee, and I know how to bite too!" “Now, now, don't start a fight. We are all in a good mood today. Don't spoil the day," cried old Mr. Dragon Fly. It was the last day of summer and all the insects were celebrating for one last time. Soon autumn too will be over, and the cold winter will send the insect community back to their homes, till spring comes back once again. And then someone spied Mr. Anty Buddy. He was carrying something in his arms, hurrying along. "Hi Anty, today is the last day of summer and we are all having a party. Won't you join us? Where are you off to?" "Sorry, but leave me out please. I have some chores to finish," replied Anty. “And by the way, did I bite any of you by mistake? I am so sorry. Actually you see, I was carrying this heavy load and couldn't see my way properly. Suddenly something came in the way, and by mistake I bit it hard. Please don't mind. I am really sorry."