Textbook of Histology : A Practical Guide

This is a book with concise, point wise presentation of text for easy learning and quick recapitulation during exams. Line diagrams for basic understanding of the tissues or organs are provided along with pencil sketches of sections (haematoxylin and eosin stained) along with salient points of identification, well integrated with text for understanding technical details of structures at the backdrop of theory. Practicals comprising excellent quality large sized microphotographs at the end of the theory with detailed explanations of what students are expected to observe. Clinical correlations of certain important structures are also covered. Self assessment exercise at the end of each chapter for revision of the topics studied are provided.

Textbook of Human Histology with Colour Atlas and Practical Guide

Salient Features
• This complete and user-friendly book is simple and easy-to-follow. 
• It introduces several modifications in the contents of the book. Firstly, the “Colour atlas” has been changed to “Colour Atlas and Practical Guide”. 
• To make it a practical guide, the illustrations are now arranged in groups based on similarity of appearance. The accompanying text been entirely rewritten from this perspective. 
• Incorporates improved and updated illustrations of each atlas figure. 
• Contains coloured diagrams to facilitate an easier understanding. 
Table Of Contents
• 1. Cell Structure
• 2. Epithelia
• 3. Glands
• 4 . General Connective Tissue
• 5 . The Blood and the Mononuclear
• 6.Cartilage
• 7. Bone
• 8.Muscle
• 9. Nervous Tissue
• 10. The Cardiovascular System
• 11. Lymphatics and
• 12. Skin and its Appendages
• 13. Respiratory System
• 14. Oral Cavity and
• 15. Oesophagus, Stomach
• 16. The Liver and Pancreas
• 17. The Urinary Organs
• 18. The Male Reproductive Organs
• 19. The Female Reproductive Organs
• 20. The Endocrine System
• 21. The Eye
• 22. The Ear
• 23. Spinal Cord; Cerebellar Cortex; 
• Index