OSRAM Lighting Program 2014-2015

The global lighting market is currently undergoing fundamental change. Regulatory changes are speeding up development and the introduction of solid-state lighting products (SSL), whilst the demand for traditional products is falling. In Parallel the falling prices for LED components and products, particularly in the field of general illumination, have increased the attraction of more widespread use in many market segments. Also too light management solutions. 

OSRAM is a strong and well-established global brand with good market access and is the number two amongst global players in the lighting market. To prove its brand promise for innovation and quality, OSRAM plans to make use of this superb starting point to successfully launch the right products and solutions for its customers onto the market. 

We are already successfully part of the above-mentioned technological change. This is shown by the fact that, in the 2013 financial year, we were able to increase the share of the innovation-driven SSL business in our overall turnover to nearly 29%. We intend continuing with this trend towards solid-state lighting in the future and expanding our leading position in the changeover to LED technology. 

The Company 

OSRAM is designing the future of light. Our innovative, tailor-made solutions for the entire spectrum of lighting create added value for our customers all around the world. As the only globally-active pure lighting corporation and with a strong brand, we are the leading player in the market and set standards in our industry. We improve the quality of life for our customers. 

Our product range includes vertically-integrated products and solutions along the entire value chain, from light sources - including lamps, components, and optical semiconductors - through control gear and other illumination components to complete luminaires, light management systems, and lighting solutions, as well as added value services.